Lab conducts an agile strategy workshop at the Deshpande Symposium

The Lab conducted an introduction to Strategic Doing workshop at the 6th Annual Deshpande Symposium for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education held June 12-14, 2017 in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Here’s a summary of our workshop…

Why is collaboration so easy to say, but so hard to do? Why is working across organizational boundaries so difficult? The reason is that effective collaboration requires a new set of skills which very few of us have been taught. We need to think differently, behave differently, and work together differently.

Join this (very) interactive session to learn how to develop the skills and lead collaborations that break out of the familiar “endless meetings, no real action” cycle. This workshop is based on Ed Morrison’s Strategic Doing methodology which enables people on loosely joined, open networks to think and act strategically.

You will leave with both insights from successful collaborations and tools that you can use in almost any setting, including transforming academic offerings, forming interdisciplinary research teams, building public/private partnerships, or guiding community-based projects.