Lab partners with Howard University

Our international network of universities continues to grow. With these partners, we are developing and deploying new tools, frameworks and platforms of agile strategy. In our discussions with Gary Harris, Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, we began exploring how we could share what we are learning about forming interdisciplinary research teams. Dr. Harris, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, also leads the research work being housed in Howard University’s new Interdisciplinary Research Building.

Our partnership with Howard began with the Pathways to Innovation Program led by Stanford University. Under the Pathways initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation, 50 engineering departments used our approach to agile strategy to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into their undergraduate engineering. Howard University was one of these 50 Pathways schools.

As a next step in our collaboration,  the Lab will be conducting a 2.5 day professional training in Strategic Doing in Howard’s  Interdisciplinary Research Building in early March.  We will be posting registration information for the training in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have questions, please connect with Ed Morrison, Liz Nilsen, or Scott Hutcheson.