Lab Partners with Kauffman Foundation

For the next three months, the Lab has entered into an intensive partnership with the Kauffman Foundation to explore how the Foundation can integrate its research work with programs and grant-making in entrepreneurship.

The Lab will work with the Foundation’s staff to develop a roadmap to outline the logic and focus of Kauffman’s research direction and grant-making. The purpose of the roadmap is to define more clearly Kauffman’s unique role as a bridge between research and practice.

The Lab will provide training and ongoing guidance to the Foundation’s entrepreneurship leadership and staff to identify strategic outcomes for the Foundation’s work in entrepreneurship research.  The Lab will also help the Foundation identify pathways – – staffing, internal and external engagement, research grants, and other programs and  initiatives —  to achieve these outcomes.  Through this process, the lab will help the Foundation understand how to support entrepreneurship research effectively. In addition, we’ve been asked to mentor staff on the team.