Lab Partners with the MatchBox

The  Lab has formed a partnership with MatchBox, the co-working space in Lafayette.  We will be providing services to MtchBox  and its client companies. In exchange, MatchBox will provide us sponsorship opportunities. We see this partnership as a strong part of our engagement mission at the Lab. In addition, we see an opportunity to provide learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students with the companies associated with MatchBox.

Our partnership emerged from a proposal on which we worked with Ali Shakouri of the Birck Nanotechnology Center and Nate Hartman of  the Purdue Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence and  the Indiana Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (INMaC).  This proposal focused on building a digital enterprise testbed as an anchor for a new cluster of companies focused on digital manufacturing and the Internet of Things.  Our German partners refer to the transformation taking place as Industry 4.0.  Through our partnership, we are looking to establish this region as a hub for the development of Industry 4.0 technologies. Below is a slide that we used in our recent work with Fraunhofer, the New Jersey Innovation Institute and Lockheed.