MBA Course in Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership

The Lab has launched its new course in Krannert on agile strategy and collaborative leadership. The course takes students through the key elements of how to lead an agile strategy process, when an organization faces an adaptive challenge. Unlike technical problems that can be dealt with through a linear logic process, adaptive challenges are far less clear. They often amount to “wicked problems“.

Trying to address adaptive challenges with technical tools and frameworks results in frustration and failure. In contrast, using  agile management tools and frameworks encourages experimentation and learning by doing. Teams facing an adaptive challenge can manage the situation by designing and guiding new collaborations. The course first walks students through the process of building a cognitively diverse team using a valuable assessment tool, AEM-Cube. More cognitively diverse teams will address adaptive challenges more effectively. (Learn more.)

Next, we explore how to design conversations that lead to strategic action plans. Here, the ten rules of Strategic Doing provide the underlying structure for introducing the shared skills needed to design and guide these conversations. We are teaching these classes using the case method.