Meanwhile, in Shanghai…

Who knew? Our book is in some fine company in Shanghai. We are listed as the Number 4 most popular business book by Shanghai Daily. Our favorite on the list: Amy Edmondson’s The Fearless Organization.

We are grateful to our colleagues who supported our work through the years; all those who contributed positive reviews; the executives buying the book for their colleagues as they transform their organizations; the community leaders embracing this new approach to complex, wicked problems; the business professors who are assigning the book to their students; the community health leaders working on some of the most vexing problems: opioids, infant mortality.

Especially, we want to reach out to our global community of Strategic Doing practitioners. They inspire us every day. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In the coming decade, we are facing some very deep challenges. Not the least is climate change.

We need collective action on many fronts. We need to release human ingenuity in new and more creative ways. A recent paper outlines the challenge of creating new tipping points through collective action ( ).

If our book can make a contribution to these challenges, we will have done what we set out to do. But it is far too soon to rest. The real work is just beginning.