Measuring Strategic Diversity in Teams

The Lab partners with Human Insight, the developers of AEM Cube, a psychological assessment tool for measuring strategic diversity in teams.

Why does this matter?

Complexity scientist Scott Page from the University of Michigan explains in this interview and in his book, The Diversity Bonus: How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy.

When confronted with complex challenges, teams with cognitive diversity generate better results. Why is this? The reason, as Page explains, is that diverse teams can more easily access creative solutions, what complexity scientist Stuart Kauffman calls the “adjacent possible“.

You can understand the value of AEM Cube from this short video, produced by Harvard Business Press. If you are interested in applying AEM Cube to your organization, please contact Scott Hutcheson at the Lab.

In early October, Scott and I will be traveling to the Netherlands, where Human Insight is located, to further our collaboration.