Meeting the challenges of opioid addiction in Indiana

Purdue Health Advisors is working with the Lab to develop  a County-based experiment to address Indiana’s opioid crisis.   we are designing an experiment that could be replicable to other counties that focuses on four areas:

  1. Community collaboration.–  opioid addiction is a “wicked problem”. Each community will need to design its own response, working off the networks and assets that are available to them. At the core of this strategy, we need to teach community leaders the simple rules of complex collaboration.
  2. Provider training.–  Safe opioid prescribing stands at the core of reducing the misuse of opioids.
  3. Pharmacist training on opioid overdose invention and reversal.–  Pharmacists provide another critical node in the community network.
  4. Lean process improvement.–  this activity involves identifying bottlenecks in the system for prevention and treatment of opioid addiction.

We intend to test this model in one county, iterate to improve it, and then replicate and scale it to other counties.