The Lab has conducted our third Strategic Doing workshop with NASA scientists and administrators. Our prior work focused on 1) developing a strategic action plan for Space Biology, and 2) strengthening the collaborations needed for a more productive approach to translational research in space life sciences.

In this second workshop, we guided the formation of new collaborations between Space Biology and the Human Research Program.

These two workshops led us to the third.

NASA’s Life Science Research Capabilities Team represents four units across NASA. The team examines the long term research needs among these units, all focused on the life sciences. In addition to Space Biology and the Human Research Program, the team includes scientists from Astrobiology and Planetary Protection.

In the 1.5 day workshop, we identified 13 collaborations across the 4 units, conducted a deeper dive on 10 of these collaborations, and developed strategic action plans for 5 collaborations. We used this form to move us forward in the workshop.