New Jersey: Our Fraunhofer Testbed

In 2013, we went to Stuttgart, Germany to explore a simple question: Could we organize the innovation ecosystem of a U.S. by following Fraunhofer principles? Could we borrow and apply Fraunhofer tools and frameworks of technology management and innovation management? Could we assist both small and large companies to accelerate their innovation in this way?

We are four years into our exploration, and the answer that answers to these questions appears to be “Yes”.

Working with colleagues from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, we helped design the New Jersey Innovation Institute. Within the Institute, we have been working on pilot projects to deploy Fraunhofer technology management and innovation management tools and frameworks. Working with Lockheed, we have learned to integrate the Fraunhofer tools with our work in agile strategy. Here’s a timeline, prepared by our Fraunhofer colleagues. We have gathered some strong testimonials along the way.