New Online Course in Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership

October marks the month for launching a new online course in Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership. Developed by Scott Hutcheson, Associate Director of the Lab, the course is part of a new online Masters program in Engineering Technology. Developed in cooperation with Wiley Education Services, the new online Masters program is targeted toward working professionals.

Our colleagues at Wiley are coming up with some creative graphic to explain the 10 rules of complex collaboration and agile strategy.

Here is a description of the course:

ENGT 50700 – Collaborative Leadership and Agile Strategy(3 credit hours)

Increasingly, companies must rely on collaborations with internal and external partners both to create and capture value. Innovation — the complex process of aligning technology and market development — is inherently collaborative. Yet our traditional approach to leadership development has been focused on equipping individuals to succeed within top-down, hierarchical organizations. Designing and guiding complex collaborations involves a different set of leadership skills. Participants will learn and practice these skills in order to leverage the power of networks and manage scalable and sustainable collaborations. The course will introduce agile strategy, an approach to strategy that replaces traditional strategic planning.