Ohio State Community Engagement Conference

At the invitation of Stephen Myers, Associate Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement at The Ohio State University, we will be sharing our work in agile strategy — Strategic Doing — with attendees at the conference. Specifically, we will be introducing how the simple rules of Strategic Doing can power a university’s engagement activity.

To illustrate, we will focus on the five year collaboration between Purdue and Michigan State University to train community leaders in Flint. MI. Through these efforts, starting with a small core team of about 8 people, we have trained over 200 residents in how they can build collaborations quickly and keep them on track. These leaders in Flint have tackled wicked problems like responding to the water crisis, reducing teenage homicide rates, and keeping kids in school.

Below is a video we shot of the Flint core team as w worked together at the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Here is a list of speakers at the Ohio State conference.

An Introduction to Strategic Doing in Flint from Ed Morrison on Vimeo.