Ohio State Links to the Lab

Purdue and Ohio State are collaborating to bring agile strategy to the networks that Ohio State is building through its engagement mission. In January, we traveled to Columbus to present an overview of Strategic Doing to 90 participants in the Ohio State Community Engagement Conference.

We provided an overview of how leaders now design and guide conversations to generate complex collaborations.   The key is to follow 10 simple rules.

We also introduced our 2.5 day training. Much of the work during this training is experiential. So, in the conference, we illustrated through a workshop exercise why vision statements don’t work to motivate open, loosely connected networks.Instead, leaders need to focus on designing conversations that lead to outcomes with measurable characteristics. The workshop exercise introduces participants to how to design these conversations.

Purdue will be partnering with Ohio State to deliver the 2.5 day training June 4-6, 2018 in Columbus.