New Purdue Course: The Science & Practice of Complex Collaboration

About the Course

TECH 39900 (CRN 13423)/ENGR 39600 (CRN 13429) The Science and Practice of Complex Collaboration

Want to improve how your groups and teams work together? Want to showcase to your future employers a valuable set of skills? If so, this course is for you. Although offered through the Purdue Polytechnic and the College of Engineering, the course is designed for students from all across the Purdue campus from any discipline!

In this one-credit, online course you will gain insights into how to apply the 10 Rules of Complex Collaboration and the science behind why they work.  You will learn how to guide a team to address complex challenges.

This course content is based on Strategic Doing, a proven discipline incubated at the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab over the last several years. These same tools and insights have been taught to industry, government, nonprofit, and higher education leaders in over 46 states and eight different countries.

The course will be taught on a social learning platform called FutureLearn.You can actively engage with other students throughout the course. A lead instructor and mentors from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds will provide you a truly engaging learning experience. The course is delivered asynchronously which you can engage with the course in a way that works with you summer schedule from where ever you happen to be.

Course Goals/Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate what collaboration is and how it differs from teamwork.
  • Demonstrate an understanding that collaboration is especially important in addressing complex technical and social challenges.
  • Implement the 10 Rules of Collaboration.
  • Explain the basis for the 10 Rules of Collaboration and why these rules work.

Course at a Glance

Duration: 5 weeks
Schedule Type: 50/3/5 asynchronous equivalent
Hours Per Week: 3
Format: Distance Learning
Assessments: Quizzes and a Final Exam


Name: Scott Hutcheson, PhD

Additional Information:

Students get a valuable set of digital tools including the e-book Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership (Wiley) the Strategic Doing Field Guide, A Trail Map App (for iPhone or Android), and access to a Student Resource Library with tools and templates. You can review a copy of the course syllabus here.