Partnership with Memorial University | Newfoundland

Founded as a memorial to the Newfoundlanders who lost their lives during active service in the First and Second World Wars, Memorial University stands apart from other universities in Canada. Most notably, it is the only university for which engagement is a part of its charter.  The University operates within a Public Engagement Framework that defines how the university will interact with the public. Memorial sees engagement as critical to the overall mission of the University. They don’t ask for job communicating this commitment to the public within Newfoundland and Labrador. Take a moment for this video:

The Harris Centre at Memorial is the tip of Memorial’s engagement activity. The Centre was launched in 2004 to coordinate the University’s activities in regional development of public policy. Aside from workshops that the Centre holds throughout the province to connect faculty staff and students with the needs of the province, the Harris Centre has also developed an innovative online public engagement tool called Yaffle.

So, we at the Lab are quite proud that Memorial has chosen to partner with us to bring our work in agile strategy to Canada’s maritime provinces.  In late May we will  traveling to St. Johns to work with the University’s Innovation Committee on the design of the university’s innovation ecosystem. In September, 2016,  the University published  its progress report on reimagining its support for innovation. You can read their report here.