Partnership with the Agile Business Consortium

Our work with the Agile Business Consortium continues to grow. The Consortium’s Framework for Business Agility is designed to help organizations become more adaptive, creative and resilient. One dimension of this framework includes “agile strategy”. But what does that mean?

In a word, agile strategy involves shifting your organization from a linear to a circular strategic mindset.

Many organizations still pursue strategy as if it were a technical problem to be solved. They develop a strategic plan with a plodding, linear process. This traditional approach to strategy carries many flaws:

  1. The strategy process rarely moves beyond a small group.
  2. Assumptions underlying the plan are rarely tested before major commitments are made.
  3. The resulting plan is rigid while circumstances continuously change.
  4. Chronic execution problems proliferate.

The inherent risks of linear planning are significant and growing. What’s the alternative?

Move your strategy process from a linear to circular, so it becomes more like software development. It will be simpler, cheaper, more adaptive, and more widely distributed throughout your organization.

Moving in this direction has been difficult for organizations to do.

Until now.

The blog post below explains.