Partnership with the University of Oregon

In early January, we headed out to the University of Oregon to provide training in Strategic Doing the 15 staff managers within the university.  Our partners at UO plan to deploy Strategic Doing across the university’s professional staff — every unit from human relations and from finance to parking and risk management.

They’ve come up within an interesting model to scale the deployment. They will use a unit within the university to become faculty trainers in the  Strategic Doing discipline.  Then, they will train the managerial staff in a series of manageable cohorts.

We are working closely with Bob Palmer and Megan Smith, who head the Community Service Center at the university.  Bob and Megan have expressed interest in renaming their center as an Agile Strategy Lab. We will investigate with the Purdue Research Foundation how to go about licensing our name.

We completed two days of training and then moved into a half day workshop with an expanded group of university professionals. Participants in the workshop design 12 Pathfinder Projects that they are currently implementing.