Purdue Grad Ops

Last weekend, we started building the foundation for a new initiative on the Purdue campus through a partnership with the Agile Strategy Lab and the Purdue Graduate Student Government. Called Purdue Grad Ops, the initiative involves a core team of Purdue graduate students who have been trained in Strategic Doing.

This team will assist the Lab in designing and guiding complex collaborations across the Purdue campus. In addition, we will be using our Grad Ops team to assist us with other initiatives off campus.

One of the first areas in which we want to focus: Purdue re|course,  are NSF funded initiative to transform Purdue’s School of Mechanical Engineering. You can learn more about re|course here.

To accommodate the schedule of our graduate students, we  compressed are 2 1/2 day practitioner training to two days over the weekend. We started Friday night, all day Saturday, and half day Sunday. We ended our training with a fast workshop to focus on opportunities for Grad Ops.

As  another step in our growth, we will begin exploring how we can offer a Purdue certificate in agile strategy to our graduate students. This competency-based certificate should provide value to our graduates as they moved beyond Purdue and into their career. Stay tuned as we lwork through our launch.