Strategic Doing in Corinth, Mississippi: “Positive, Pro-community Critical Thinking”

We scale our impact in agile strategy and Strategic Doing through a network of university partners. Here’s an example. Earlier this week, Doug Barrett of the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development at the University of North Alabama partnered with Joe Fratesi and Jeremy Murdoch of the Stennis Institute at Mississippi State University. This team of three led a Strategic Doing workshop in Corinth, Mississippi.

The team walked the participants through a process that looked for  projects that could be completed within six months with resources represented at the table. Using this simple discipline, the participants identified promising projects and next steps. Here are two of the comments that came out of the session:

  • “It was a great way to take several awesome ideas and funnel them into a manageable and doable task that can be monitored for effectiveness. This was positive, pro-community critical thinking.”
  • “The strategic doing process makes everyone stay focused on the goal and to define what the objectives and successes mean. Most people said it gave them a new perspective on how to hold meetings and come to consensus decisions.”

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