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Practitioner Guide to Innovating Networks, Clusters and Ecosystems

Based on the continuing work we are doing in developing entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems, the Lab has compiled a guidebook for practitioners. The publication provides practionters with insghts into the critical tools, frameworks and disciplines that the Lab uses to guide the design of these ecosystems. You can download a copy of this guidebook here.…

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How regional innovation clusters form

A group of researchers at Purdue are focusing their energies on autonomous transportation. Another is looking at Indiana’s role in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. In particular, they want to leverage a new set of technologies around roll-to-roll manufacturing of low cost sensors. And then there are groups of researchers who have recently…

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Economic Development’s Next Big Opportunity: Horizontal Innovation

The next big transformation in economic development is coming. It’s about time. Remarkably, most economic development organizations are still playing a game invented in Mississippi in the 1930s. It goes something like this. Make a quick assessment of your economy to figure out your community’s Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats, the SWOT analysis. (Hint: Hire…

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