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Lab’s First MOOC: 1,800+ Participants from 124 Countries

In an experiment with FutureLearn, Purdue’s online partner, the Lab has launched a three-week introductory course on agile strategy. The course provides participants with an introduction to the concepts of agile strategy and why new approaches to strategy are needed.  Strategy in open, loosely connected networks relies on a different dynamic than traditional strategic planning.…

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Our On-line Course Includes Participants from 35 Countries

How cool is this? Registration opened just a few days ago for this free, online “Introduction to Strategic Doing” course that begins July 16. and we just hit a milestone. Over 100 hundred people have registered. What blows us completely away is that these learners are from 35 different countries. The course introduces the core…

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Moving our Innovation Thinking from Barriers to Ecosystems

Commercialization of federally funded research at universities faces a bewildering array of obstacles. The reason: innovation — the translation of knowledge into value (or money) — emerges from continuous knowledge flows. Unfortunately, these knowledge flows can be easily blocked in multiple ways. Taken together, these knowledge flows form an “ecosystem”, networks embedded in other networks,…

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