The Growing Importance of Agile Strategy

We are seeing a growing demand  for our work in agile strategy. Why is this so?

We see two major forces are at work. First, the environments in which most organizations operate has become far more complex, fluid and unstable. For the organization, this  more volatile environment translates into a need to respond more quickly to shifting demands, emerging technologies, and new market realities.

In addition, making these adjustments requires higher levels of collaboration both inside and outside the organization. Designing and guiding these collaborations is a tricky business.    A different set of factors —  trust, shared value, mutual accountability —  power  effective collaborations.  Participants in these collaborations need to understand these dynamics.

In short, the traditional strategy disciplines, designed for more stable environments with command-and-control managerial mindsets are rapidly becoming obsolete. That’s why people are turning to agile strategy, a set of protocols specifically designed to designing guide strategy in open, loosely connected networks.