The regeneration of Kokomo began with Strategic Doing

Recently, the Christian Science Monitor carried a story about Kokomo’s rebirth.  the article explores how citizens in Kokomo are bringing back the city through collaboration.

“We are the poster child for showing how you can take a community at the bottom and come back and prosper,” says Paul Wyman, a Howard County commissioner and head of his own real estate firm. “To me, that is very conservative. [And] we are doing it all together: government, unions, companies. On the big picture idea, we are together.”

The backstory of this rebirth stretches to the darkest days of the Global Financial Crisis and decision by Delphi Electronics to lay off 600 salaried employees in Kokomo.  Out of that crisis, Purdue led a small group of civic leaders to begin a spirited recovery using the disciplines of collaboration incubated at Purdue — Strategic Doing.

This video marks the first step in Kokomo’s regeneration.