Training at the University of Oregon

Over the past three years, the Lab has been building a partnership with the University of Oregon to become a affiliate in the Strategic Doing university network.  Earlier this month, Liz Nilsen of the Lab traveled to Eugene to assist Bob Parker of OU’s Community Service Center in conducting a 2.5 day training in Strategic Doing.  The Center provides advice and guidance to communities throughout Oregon.

One day after the training Bob wrote to us  to share his team’s excitement about moving ahead in partnership with Purdue. As part of that partnership, we routinely connect universities across the country. So, for example, we are connecting work of Bob’s team at the University of Oregon with the Strategic Doing teams at Montana State in Bozeman and at the economic development team in Iowa City and the University of Iowa.  All three universities operate in relatively small cities, where they can have a big impact on the evolution of the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems.