Translational research in space life sciences

We are working on an exciting and challenging assignment. How can we accelerate translational research in space life sciences? This involves designing complex collaborations between NASA’s Space Biology Program and its Human Research Program. We’re designing a 2 day workshop now. Heading to Ames Research Center at the end of the month.

We will be working on both the coordination of research agendas and the design of joint solicitations. It’s exciting and complex work: just the type of work that the Agile Strategy Lab likes to tackle.

The challenge of accelerating translational research is explored in this article. Key points:

  • Over the next decade, the International Space Station provides a precious opportunity to advance space life sciences and space medicine.
  • Coordinated research and development are crucial for producing effective countermeasures against the deleterious influences of spaceflight on the human body.
  • We need further development of translational research efforts within NASA to facilitate the bidirectional information flow between basic and applied life sciences and medical operations with the goal of accelerating countermeasure development.
  • Life-sciences portfolio at NASA covers three areas: basic science (Space Biology), applied science (Human Research Program) and medical operations (Office of Chief Health and Medical Officer).
  • Informal translational research has taken place but there is a need for more coordinated effort that enables the dynamic  translation of research into countermeasures.

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