Designing Strategic Diversity in Teams: An S-Curve Perspective

Strategic Diversity: Powered by AEM CubeEach of us makes a unique contribution in our work to help organizations and communities design and execute strategy and in starting, scaling, and growing something new. Knowing where we best contribute, can be a first step in assembling the right team that is “strategically diverse” enough to take on these complex challenges.

Based on thousands of interviews conducted by the Lab’s partner Human Insight in Europe over the past decade, we can now assess your individual team members best fit along a S curve. So, for example, some team members are particularly well-suited for early stage thinking,  while others focus on the details of implementation and execution typically found in a mature business. Teams that combines strategic diversity along the S-curve will combine the cognitive skills necessary to translate bold ideas into action.

The Agile Strategy Lab at Purdue can provide  Strategic Diversity assessments for organizations. Powered by Human Insight’s AEM-Cube protocols it’s now possible to design and manage innovating teams far more effectively. To learn more about Strategic Diversity at the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab, please e-mail Scott Hutcheson.