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When it comes to thinking about strategy, we have a deep legacy of linear thinking. It's not altogether helpful. Take the example of Purdue's expanding undergraduate population of students. To support these students, Purdue has a wide range of units on campus, including housing, food...

The Kansas State University Olathe campus presents an opportunity to design the future of the land-grant university within a metropolitan campus. To address these challenges, our colleagues at Kansas State engaged the Agile Strategy Lab to introduce Strategic Doing to faculty and staff from the...

Indiana’s opioid crisis creates severe challenges for state and local governments. The scope of the crisis transcends the capacity of any one agency. Collaboration and experimentation are essential. With the leadership of Paul Griffin at the Regenstrief  Center for Health Care Engineering and Tomas Diaz de...

Can you design a new major simply by recombining existing courses? Can we link and leverage our existing courses in new ways? Yes. If you think differently. Sometimes the pathway to transformation is more easily achieved by creating something new rather than attempting to “fix” something old. Pfeffer...

The discipline of agile strategy is designed for open, loosely connected networks. These networks do not stand still. They are complex and shifting.  How do we design and guide collaborations in the midst of this complexity? In a seminal Harvard Business Review article some years ago,...

As part of an NSF grant to transform Purdue's School of Mechanical Engineering, we are forming faculty – student – staff teams.  Each team is focused on a different dimension of the student experience outside the classroom. So, for example, we have teams looking at...

In the world of networks, narratives provide guidance. They convey knowledge. They generate learning. They create coherence. They reflect and spread the positive mindset needed for transformation and resilience. When confronting a complex regional transformation, we often focus first on the regional narrative: The stories people...