Designing New Solutions: Indiana’s Opioid Crisis

Indiana’s opioid crisis creates severe challenges for state and local governments. The scope of the crisis transcends the capacity of any one agency. Collaboration and experimentation are essential. With the leadership of Paul Griffin at the Regenstrief  Center for Health Care Engineering and Tomas Diaz de la Rubia at Discovery Park, the Agile Strategy Lab will be designing workshops to pull together resources from across the Purdue campus to address the opioid crisis.

We will invite students, faculty and staff interested in experimenting with new solutions. Our aspiration is simple and compelling: we want to design new approaches that are replicable, scalable and sustainable within current budgets. Collaboration and continuous experimentation will stand up the core these new approaches.

If you’re interested, you can review a report by the National Academy of Sciences released last month. According to the Committee Chair, Richard Bonnie, “This report provides an action plan directed particularly at the health professions and government agencies responsible for regulating them…This epidemic took nearly two decades to develop, and it will take years to unravel.”