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Purdue Health Advisors is working with the Lab to develop  a County-based experiment to address Indiana's opioid crisis.   we are designing an experiment that could be replicable to other counties that focuses on four areas: Community collaboration.--  opioid addiction is a "wicked problem". Each...

Some time ago, the Agile Lab got a call from our colleagues at Indiana University. They wanted us to help form faculty teams to submit proposals to the IU Grand Challenges. We worked with three teams; 22 teams submitted proposals; 5 teams were selected as...

We are working with Purdue Health Advisors and the Purdue Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering on a tough topic. How should the State of Indiana respond to the growing opioid crisis? Here are some basic facts: At least 11 state agencies are involved in addressing this crisis; ...

Imagine, for a moment, Indiana as the epicenter of the rebirth of Midwest manufacturing. The Internet of Things and flexible electronics have converged to create that opportunity. The Lab has been exploring this opportunity with Ali Shakouri, head of the Birck Nanotechnology Center. Birck has established...