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Based on the continuing work we are doing in developing entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems, the Lab has compiled a guidebook for practitioners. The publication provides practionters with insghts into the critical tools, frameworks and disciplines that the Lab uses to guide the design of these...

The traditional approach to developing prosperous communities assumes that communities are mechanical systems. When they fail, when there is a breakdown, we must have a problem that needs to be fixed.  What if this approach is wrong? What if instead of thinking of our communities as...

Networks that can power innovation are invisible.  The term "social capital"  first appeared in the 1880s, but its popularity took off a century later in the 1990s. [caption id="attachment_1083" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Google Ngram Viewer. Retrieved 4/5/2017.[/caption] Yet, naming these social networks does not help us visualize,...

In the world of networks, narratives provide guidance. They convey knowledge. They generate learning. They create coherence. They reflect and spread the positive mindset needed for transformation and resilience. When confronting a complex regional transformation, we often focus first on the regional narrative: The stories people...

The next big transformation in economic development is coming. It’s about time. Remarkably, most economic development organizations are still playing a game invented in Mississippi in the 1930s. It goes something like this. Make a quick assessment of your economy to figure out your community’s...