Managing Agile Innovation and Collaboration in Complex Environments

We are always on the lookout for new collaboration platforms that could integrate the knowledge and workflows of agile strategy. Over a year ago, we found one with a Scottish company, nooQ.   The platform combines a visual user interface with machine learning.  The platform can be used as a standalone. Or you can sit on top of existing information flows generated by a range of applications, such as Facebook, Slack, and Yammer.

We think that this platform would be particularly helpful in managing complex collaborations within a university. So, for example, we recently held a workshop on autonomous transportation. This emerging area touches on a wide range of interests among Purdue research faculty.

Another application we are exploring involves our work developing a translational research model in space life sciences with NASA.

Recently, nooQ made a presentation to an investors forum in Scotland.  You can see the slides of their presentation below: