Piloting Pop-Up Classes

The Lab is launching an experiment with “pop-up” classes in agile strategy.  A pop-up is an informal class of about 90 minutes in which students engage in interactive learning experience. Working in collaboration with The International Student Peer Coaching Program within the College of Engineering, the Lab launched our first pop-up class on agile strategy Friday, March 30, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. In this pilot, over forty undergraduate and graduate students participated in an overview of Strategic Doing. Using a simulation game, we introduced the process of answering 4 questions by following 10 simple rules.

The Lab is interested in exploring the idea of public classes with other campus partners. These pop-up classes can expose students to as range of collaboration and communiation skills valued by employers. They include:

Agile Strategy.— How to design and guide complex collaborations

Strategic Diversity.—  How to assemble a cognitively diverse team

CommPlexity.—  How to communicate complex ideas simply.

You an download a flyer that explains these offerings here. If you’re interested in partnering with the Lab, please contact Nina Wojtalewicz.