Strategic Doing and I-Corps at New Mexico State

Arrowhead Center—the economic development and technology commercialization arm of New Mexico State University—has implemented Strategic Doing to support its I-Corps teams. From New Mexico State, Lauren Goldstein will be making a presentation on their progress at the Deshpande Symposium for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education.

Based on her experience with the NMSU I-Corps site, Lauren believes that Strategic Doing could be scaled nationally across I-Corps sites.

Here is a summary of Lauren’s presentation proposal.

The Strategic Doing process is guided by rules of civility, and, in the context of I-Corps, uses positive framing questions such as, “what would it look like if our technology was acquired by a large company,” or “what would it look like if my product disrupted the industry?” to guide the direction of collaboration. A certified staff member uses Strategic Doing as a complement to Arrowhead’s I-Corps Next Steps program, which offers support to go-decision teams as they prepare applications for national I-Corps.

By creating Pathfinder Projects with guideposts, I-Corps teams construct an immediate, actionable plan to carry them through next steps toward commercialization. This presentation will include record of positive feedback from the voices of faculty and student I-Corps participants, as well as an interactive audience engagement—a mini-exercise on positive framing model of inquiry, as well as an overview of lessons learned. This new application of Strategic Doing is potentially scalable to I-Corps sites and nodes in its national network.