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New Mexico Sate’s Arrowhead Center: Integrating I-Corps with Strategic Doing

The National Science Foundation administers a highly  successful program to accelerate  commercialization of university research. Called  Innovation Corps or I-Corps, the initiative builds a capability on university campuses to move promising research ideas into the market. Based on a methodology called Lean Launchpad, the program guides faculty and students through an intensive process of customer…

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Strategic Doing and I-Corps at New Mexico State

Arrowhead Center—the economic development and technology commercialization arm of New Mexico State University—has implemented Strategic Doing to support its I-Corps teams. From New Mexico State, Lauren Goldstein will be making a presentation on their progress at the Deshpande Symposium for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education. Based on her experience with the NMSU I-Corps site, Lauren…

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Lab Enters I-Corps

The Lab  has entered the I-Corps program to explore the development of an interactive platform that would help companies in the food industry accelerate innovation. The idea for this spin out emerged from discussions with Bruce Hammaker  at the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research. Here’s the challenge: large food companies are losing the innovation race.…

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