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Purdue/Fraunhofer: New Offering Coming March 2019

Coming in March 2019, we are launching a new offering. Company teams will get insights into how German firms accelerate innovation by leveraging the power of the world’s leading applied research institute. For the past three years we have been piloting these approaches with the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII). We are now prepared to…

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Commplexity, a New Lab Offering

The best ideas and solutions paint a picture of a future that others can see, others can feel. They allow us to envision that future state and think, “life will be better when we get there!” Well-articulated ideas and solutions outline a clear call for action, some specific first steps we can take together to start…

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Communicating complexity: A new Lab offering

Next week Scott Hutcheson will be in Monterey, CA working with our partner Bob Sadler to put the final touches on our new offering – ComPlexity. Tomas Diaz de la Rubia, Chief Scientist at Discovery Park, introduced us to Bob. Tomas worked with Bob when Tomas was the chief research officer and deputy laboratory director for…

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