Commplexity, a New Lab Offering

The best ideas and solutions paint a picture of a future that others can see, others can feel. They allow us to envision that future state and think, “life will be better when we get there!” Well-articulated ideas and solutions outline a clear call for action, some specific first steps we can take together to start down a new pathway. When our ideas and solutions address complex issues, clear pictures of destinations and pathways can be difficult

That’s why we are offering CommPlexity, a workshop that will equip you to clearly communicate complex issues and your ideas, solutions, and strategies for addressing them. CommPlexity is based on a proven methodology developed by organizational consultant Bob Sadler.

Tomas Diaz de la Rubia introduced us to Bob, and we are thankful for Bob’s expertise and gracious generosity in helping us develop CommPlexity. Learn more here.