Update: Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership

We have been busy preparing designing new courses for agile strategy and collaborative leadership. We’ve been working on three.

  • Executive Education in Strategic Doing.– We have a new executive education course design for practitioners. The curriculum is focused on teaching the 10 rules of complex collaboration.
  • Online Masters in Engineering Technology.–  We are launching a new course as part of a new online Masters course for the School of Engineering Technology. We are working in partnership with Wiley.
  • Second-year MBA Course in Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership.–  In the fall we will be launching a new second-year strategy course for the Krannert School of Business.  This work is part of Krannert’s aggressive moves into technology and innovation management.

Executive Education in Strategic Doing includes a detailed Field Guide of over 100 pages of explanation, research references, case examples, and workshop exercises.

Executive Education in Strategic Doing

The Lab provides half day, one day and 2 1/2 day executive education designed for practitioners. The core training is the 2 1/2 day practitioner training. Over the past six months, the Lab team has been rewriting this curriculum from the ground up. It will be released during the tune after a training taking place at Purdue from May 31 to June 2.

Online Masters in Engineering Technology

Working with Wiley, the School of Engineering Technology will be launching a new online Masters program In Engineering Technology.  A three credit course, taught by Scott Hutcheson, Collaborative Leadership and Agile Strategy (ENGT 50700), is part of the curriculum.

MBA Course in Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership 

In the Strategic Management faculty in Krannert  will be introducing a new course in the fall on Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership. Taught by Ed Morrison and Matthew Lynall,  the course will introduce second-year students  to the new disciplines of complex collaboration.

As companies move into more networked  business models, the discipline of strategy has shifted. The Krannert course is the first MBA program worldwide to adopt this new approach to strategy, specifically designed for open, loosely connected networks.