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Author: Ed Morrison

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With a core team of fifteen professionals drawn from business and consulting, The Lab has launched Strategic Doing Europe with a three day training in The Hague. Developed with the Lab's Dutch partner, Human Insight, Strategic Doing Europe will form a training network to guide...

Our work with the Kauffman Foundation has brought us into contact with some of the work they are doing to overcome "market gaps" in rural communities. Here's an example from Sedalia, MO. It's a discussion led by Evan Absher and Derek Ozkal of the Kauffman Foundation's...

The Lab partners with Human Insight, the developers of AEM Cube, a psychological assessment tool for measuring strategic diversity in teams. Why does this matter? Complexity scientist Scott Page from the University of Michigan explains in this interview and in his book, The Diversity Bonus: How Great Teams Pay Off...

October marks the month for launching a new online course in Agile Strategy and Collaborative Leadership. Developed by Scott Hutcheson, Associate Director of the Lab, the course is part of a new online Masters program in Engineering Technology. Developed in cooperation with Wiley Education Services,...

Timothy B. Luzader, Executive Director of Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) has connected with us to help in developing a new strategy for the CCO.  Some exciting opportunities are ahead.  the expansion of social media and artificial intelligence create new pathways to engage...

Where continuing our work with the Kaufman Foundation. Our charge involves developing a research roadmap for entrepreneurship. Kaufman is moving to a new level of performance by rethinking its role, its frameworks, and its internal operations. Over time, we see Kauffman leading the development of...

Through our connections to the Kauffman Foundation, we've met with Jon Taylor, a civic  entrepreneur and architect. Jon has developed a model called the REACH Collaborative,  a new type of  incubator designed to rebuild communities. REACH Collaborative is designed to help cities connect, organize and mobilize...

The Kansas State University Olathe campus presents an opportunity to design the future of the land-grant university within a metropolitan campus. To address these challenges, our colleagues at Kansas State engaged the Agile Strategy Lab to introduce Strategic Doing to faculty and staff from the...

At the request of Tomas Diaz de la Rubia, the Lab is  participating in the design of town hall sessions  with faculty to support a new digital science initiative.  Announced by Jay Akridge, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity, and Suresh Garimella,...