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Next week, we will head back to Trenton, NJ. For the second year in a row we will be working with local businesses and civic leaders to design a set of strategies focused on designing an ecosystem that will help small businesses grow. We are partnering...

The Lab is working with the strategic management faculty in Krannert  to introduce the disciplines of agile strategy and collaborative leadership to second-year MBA students. The course, which will be introduced in the spring of 2018, introduces both the theory and practice of agile strategy...

Continuing our work with our Scottish partner, nooQ, we have built a dynamic wireframe of the Strategic Doing Innovation Platform. Using data from our engagements with NASA, we designed the platform to follow the workflow of a Strategic Doing process. The result is a dynamic strategy dashboard that...

A group of researchers at Purdue are focusing their energies on autonomous transportation. Another is looking at Indiana's role in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. In particular, they want to leverage a new set of technologies around roll-to-roll manufacturing of low cost sensors....

Over the past year and a half, we have been partnering with the New Jersey Innovation Institute to design and test new approaches to agile strategy and accelerated innovation. We are also working closely with our partners at Fraunhofer IAO. Our work focuses on integrating...

This morning Scott Hutcheson is introducing agile strategy to the UI Labs Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute (DMDII). In a morning workshop participants will experience and evaluate our agile, iterative, and collaborative approach to strategy.  If successful after the workshop, DMDII staff will consider broader applications...

If you're looking to build the innovation potential of your community or region, we can help. Lab director Ed Morrison sums up our experience in a news article from Charleston, South Carolina: "It's gotten to a point now where I think we have enough understanding of...