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Indiana’s opioid crisis creates severe challenges for state and local governments. The scope of the crisis transcends the capacity of any one agency. Collaboration and experimentation are essential. With the leadership of Paul Griffin at the Regenstrief  Center for Health Care Engineering and Tomas Diaz de...

Purdue Health Advisors is working with the Lab to develop  a County-based experiment to address Indiana's opioid crisis.   we are designing an experiment that could be replicable to other counties that focuses on four areas: Community collaboration.--  opioid addiction is a "wicked problem". Each...

We are working with Purdue Health Advisors and the Purdue Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering on a tough topic. How should the State of Indiana respond to the growing opioid crisis? Here are some basic facts: At least 11 state agencies are involved in addressing this crisis; ...