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Today we kicked off an 8-week series of lunch and learns with the faculty of the Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis. We're using Strategic Doing to help them learn to increase the productivity of their internal and external collaborations and to teach their students...

This week, we worked with 150 Purdue Pharmacy students. We used Strategic Doing to help them learn the deep skills of collaboration. Increasingly pharmacists are called upon to help address complex community health challenges. A recent example of the challenges ahead: opioid addiction. Pharmacists need to be sensitive...

Purdue Healthcare Advisors (PHA) is working with 14 Critical Access Hospitals across Indiana to introduce new "lean" processes. These very small hospitals are facing enormous challenges. Some are part of larger healthcare systems that are reorganizing. Others are facing major financial challenges. They chronically have...

Three months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, Puerto Rico is still reeling. Much of the island remains without electricity, reports The Washington Post, and many businesses remain closed. Hurricane Maria has also worsened the island's massive debt crisis. NPR reports that stretched budgets have...

Purdue CareerMaker is an exciting new initiative to develop innovative solutions to the growing workforce challenges faced by employers in Indiana.  With multiple sites throughout Indiana, Purdue will be engaging employers to design new career pathways that are specifically tailored to their needs.  This demand–driven...

Timothy B. Luzader, Executive Director of Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) has connected with us to help in developing a new strategy for the CCO.  Some exciting opportunities are ahead.  the expansion of social media and artificial intelligence create new pathways to engage...

Imagine, for a moment, Indiana as the epicenter of the rebirth of Midwest manufacturing. The Internet of Things and flexible electronics have converged to create that opportunity. The Lab has been exploring this opportunity with Ali Shakouri, head of the Birck Nanotechnology Center. Birck has established...

The Agile Strategy Lipids in the midst of forming teams of students, faculty and staff to transform the School of Mechanical Engineering. Under a National Science Foundation grant, we are experimenting with a new approach to transforming engineering education. Research underscores the challenge. While numerous...

Last weekend, we started building the foundation for a new initiative on the Purdue campus through a partnership with the Agile Strategy Lab and the Purdue Graduate Student Government. Called Purdue Grad Ops, the initiative involves a core team of Purdue graduate students who have...