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Engineering departments are complex systems. To transform them, we need teams. The most productive of these teams follow a discipline to design and guide their conversations. These conversations lead to new collaborations: new maker spaces, new courses, new certifications, new entrepreneurship initiatives. We have learned from...

In Strategic Doing, moving from “What could we do?” to “What should we do” involves evaluating a number of potential strategic opportunities using our “Big Easy” criteria. The Big Easy calls on the strategy team’s collective intuition to decide which opportunity will likely have a...

Last week, we released a paper, along with a presentation at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) conference. From 2013-2016, we worked with the Pathways program of the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter). Pathways was an effort to create a "tipping point"...

The Lab has conducted our third Strategic Doing workshop with NASA scientists and administrators. Our prior work focused on 1) developing a strategic action plan for Space Biology, and 2) strengthening the collaborations needed for a more productive approach to translational research in space life...

We've been working with the Kauffman Foundation, as they begin moving their investments in entrepreneurship research to the next level. Specifically, the foundation is looking to: Strengthen translational research in entrepreneurship; Integrate tightly the three pillars of the foundation's work: Ecosystem development within communities; Individual training...

The Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research has become one of the centers on campus that has embraced agile strategy has a way to build faculty industry collaborations more quickly. This morning, we introduced agile strategy and our discipline of Strategic Doing to the Industry Advisory...

We are working on an exciting and challenging assignment. How can we accelerate translational research in space life sciences? This involves designing complex collaborations between NASA's Space Biology Program and its Human Research Program. We're designing a 2 day workshop now. Heading to Ames Research...

As part of an NSF grant to transform Purdue's School of Mechanical Engineering, we are forming faculty – student – staff teams.  Each team is focused on a different dimension of the student experience outside the classroom. So, for example, we have teams looking at...

In a global economy that runs on knowledge and networks, research universities occupy a unique, keystone position. Former NYU president John Sexton outlined this role in a 2005  speech, "Dogmatism and Complexity: Civil Discourse and the Research University". Sexton points out that in a political...